The Longest Week

Time flies…no…it warp speeds ahead! Not only that, but it sometimes seems as if I’m living someone else’s life as moments pass like scenes I remember from a movie I once watched. It’s crazy! I thought time was a constant here on earth! What happened to those childhood years spent waiting on the ever allusive …


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Up Close

God, what a special treat to get to be close to you this morning. You’re words are sweeter than honey and a soothing balm to my soul. In my garden, out of my head, you affirm the work of my hands, my heart, and my soul. Thank you for being so present in times of … Continue reading Up Close

Lift it up!

Are you a hand raiser?!? No, not the kind that has the urge to raise their hand every time they have a question! Although I know there are people in this world who fit into this category, I’m talking about the worshiping God kind of hand raising! Today, I was listening to a podcast and … Continue reading Lift it up!

I Don’t Know!

Do you ever feel that you are constantly learning? I do!! I equate it to feeling like a child when surrounded by those with wisdom and experience. I’ve been in rehearsals and meetings before wondering why I was even there! What could I possibly have to add when giants, the good kind of giants, surround … Continue reading I Don’t Know!